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Unlock the power of personalized learning with Pauk, the innovative app that allows you to create and master your own flashcards quickly. By integrating scientifically proven learning techniques, Pauk ensures you not only learn efficiently but also see a significant improvement in your test scores.

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6 Level Flashcard System ac. to Sebastian Leitner  РSpaced Repetition (SRS) Рsupports math formulas via LaTex РMultiple Choice and Free Text РPersonal Statistics

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  • Leitner System

    The Leitner System is a well-known method for studying, which you can learn more about here. Practicing your knowledge is essential! In this system, you can review your material across six levels (Card Boxes). Mastering the highest level ensures that each fact is permanently imprinted in your long-term memory. Cards that are not answered correctly will automatically fall back to level 0, requiring them to be repeated.

  • Spaced Repetition (SRS)

    Spaced repetition is a learning technique that uses increasing intervals of time between subsequent reviews of previously learned material. The length of each review period is calculated based on a Fibonacci sequence and is automatically adapted to suit your individual learning style.

  • KickStart Learning Mode

    Use KickStart when learning a subject for the first time. It automatically organizes a deck of cards into ideal portions and prioritizes the repetition of incorrect answers. This helps correct any false memorization early in the learning process.

Learn plans through statistics

You might have an intuitive sense of how long it takes to master a subject, but how accurate is that feeling? Typically, you only realize the true duration after completing your study. By collecting statistical data after each flashcard session with tools like Pauk, you can more accurately predict the number of days or repetitions needed to learn a similar topic in the future. Keep in mind, however, that these estimates can vary based on individual differences, the complexity of the subject, and the quality of the flashcards used.

Pauk not only aids in preparing for tests but also provides insights into your personal preparation time after a few learning sessions. It will show the ideal start time and the necessary number of repetitions to master a subject. With continued use, you’ll gain precise estimates for all your learning tasks, helping you to study efficiently without over-preparing.

Card Sorter

Card Sorter: When learning with flashcards, you might find that you need to adjust the content. This could involve correcting the information on some cards, adding new cards at specific points in the deck, changing the order of cards for repetition, or moving a card a few positions forward. The Card Sorter is the ideal tool for these tasks. It features a graphical user interface that provides a clear overview of the entire deck and allows you to easily make the following adjustments:

  • move the cards with your mouse to another place
  • duplicate cards [Ctrl + D]
  • delete cards [Del]
  • change the size of the view [Ctrl + Mouse Wheel]

Learn your Power Point speeches

Thorough memorization of your PowerPoint slides and maintaining a clear, consistent thread throughout your presentation are crucial for effectively conveying your message. This is particularly beneficial if you experience speech anxiety. Being completely confident in your memory of the presentation can significantly reduce anxiety.

To efficiently prepare for a speech or presentation, you can import Microsoft PowerPoint slides into the Pauk Learning System. Pauk will automatically split the content of each slide into questions and answers for flashcards.

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Why creating your own set of flashcards is vital for your learning process

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