This app was initially designed for my own kids.

My personal journey to discover an effective learning method began in the 80s. Fortunately and by accident, I stumbled upon an Atrati ST tool that worked exceptionally well for me. Now, you might be wondering, why the need for yet another tool when there are already so many options available on the market?

Thats why: Pauk is built upon Sebastian Leitner’s well-known learning method, enriched by functionalities from this Atari ST application I encountered in the past (Pauk by Josef Wiggermann). This Atari program offered simple but unique features that extended beyond the Leitner method. However, as Atari computers faded into obscurity, this combined approach became inaccessible. I faced challenges in finding any comparable application on Windows or Mac that matched Pauk’s efficiency and effectiveness in flashcard learning on Atari. Surprisingly, even modern web-based applications fail to provide comparable features. Motivated by the goal to preserve this method and ensure its accessibility, I undertook the challenge of recreating it.

In addition to the essential features, I’ve enhanced the functionality quite a bit. For instance, the ‘Kick Start’ method is a self-developed algorithm that accelerates learning speed – based on the Leitner System. Another enhancement is the integration of “Spaced Repetition”, a scientifically proven learning technique (which is normally used stand-alone), with the Leitner System for the first time. Each feature is built as an on/off option, so you can try out what works best for you. In my humble opinion, the Leitner System – still to this day – remains the best method for improving grades, and everything else I’ve added builds upon it.

You still won’t find any flashcard app or Leitner Method out there with similar functionality.

Enjoy your learning journey!