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The Importance of Making Your Own Study Flashcards

Every test and
teacher is different

Rarely tests are standardized. In reality, each teacher has it’s own plan and tests vary greatly according to his subjective opinion of what is important and what not. This is why one key skill of successful students is to adapt successfully to their teachers or schools individual game plan. You don’t achieve this by copying standard knowledge from a “neutral” base. You achieve this by adapting your learning strategy to the specific testing environment. This testing environment can vary according to teacher, the specific knowledge required for a certain test or your own needs about the knowledge which has to be covered. Also you want to make sure you only learn the subjects relevant and matching your own learning style, without covering unnecessary overload of things which are clear for you anyway. Only making own flashcards will help you to achieve the perfect preparation without wasting time on unnecessary clutter Therefoe it makes a lot of sense to make own flashcards. 

To create your own flashcards is vital for understanding the topic you would like learn. Going through all your material while separating the important facts from the clutter is guaranteed to help you to get a thorough overview of the topic. You will be forced to think about your methods of organizing knowledge which makes writing cards and filtering out the clutter worth your time and effort. How to make your own study cards with Pauk is explained in the video tutorials and and even without instructions it’s easy and quick to set them up.

45% Relevant facts for your exam
55% Simple text and prior knowledge

Writing your own cards is essential to your learning experience

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